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Who Are We?

Named after father and son Ben and Kai, BENNKAI was founded to create stylish and practical accessories for travelers with the goal of taking the stress out of packing, ultimately allowing you to enjoy your trip even more.

Where we are going?

Our core value is to maintain a smart approach on accessories while keeping an eye out on our planet. Therefore in 2020 we have committed to working with only sustainably sourced, manufactured and recycled materials. Some other initiatives will be abandoning unnecessary packaging materials and poly bags as well as the option to source certified recycled poly to create exciting new categories and items while not contributing to the over consumption of plastic based products. 

One thing that we can promise, is that we will keep you posted on what's next!

Core Values

Let's not forget about Travel! We try to make your life that much easier with a curated assortment of gift worthy travel necessities. 

Gift Idea?

Looking for something for someone special? Check out one of these: